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The Smoking Vs. Vaping Benefits

Vaping has grown into the mainstream market at a furious pace and for good reason, as the health benefits of vaping vs. combustion is endless.

Why is Vaping Better?

A vaporizer functions by heating the cannabinoid infused oil to boiling temperature. Instead of the burning and producing copious amounts of smoke a vaporizer dehydrates the oil and causes it to release their yield without ever catching fire and subsequently mixing with chemicals in the air as the oxygen burns. What this means in more simple terms is that the vaporizer completely eliminates every last chemical that is directly associated with burning the oil.

The Problem with Smoking

Whenever dried plant material is burned, it produces thousands of chemical substances in the form of smoke. Burning breaks the chemical bonds between the carbon atoms in the large, organic molecules present in plants, creating very reactive fragment called free radicals. Free radicals can combine with each other or with other molecules to produce a huge variety of harmful toxins.

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